Satire & Jasmine

    These sweet mares are part of the inspiration behind "White Horse" therapeutic services.   Satire and MaryDale have been together since 2000.  She has embraced the role of a military family horse with grace and patience.  Her willingness to "load em up" and move to yet another farm has often been the encouragement her family needed to keep going.  

    Although Jasmine has only been part of the Worboys family since 2011 she has found her place in the herd as the dependable, level headed mare that will do anything and go anywhere.  


Half Track & Castle

    This mother & son duo recently joined the herd.  They have settled in and are looking forward to getting to work.  


    Is a Dorper Sheep and enjoys rambling around the farm looking for food and trouble; often finding both.




    ......and his sisters were born on the farm in March 2012.  They  are affectionally refered to as the resident flying monkeys.  

Mickey & Mimi

    These guys are the ever faithful farm helpers.  They know who's coming and who's going.  Nothing gets by these guys, unless of course it is nap time!