MaryDale M. Worboys, M.A., LPCA, EAGALA Certified

MaryDale earned her BA from Appalachian State University in 1991 and a Masters of Arts in Marriage and Family Counseling from Liberty University in 2012.  In between her formal education MaryDale embraced the life of a military wife, mother, and worked in the mental health field as a case manager, mentor, child advocate, and counselor for children, adolescents and their families.  She also grew to love her interaction with horses and studied natural horsemanship.  Her interaction with horses led her to seek certification as an Equine Specialist and Mental Health Professional through Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association (EAGALA). As a military wife she has an understanding of the issues facing military families as well as a working knowledge of military resources.

 MaryDale’s clinical experience includes working with individuals and families, specifically with adolescents and women, couples, and military spouses.  She has clinical experience with anxiety, depression, life transitions, grief, parenting, sexual addictions, and self-harming behaviors.  Her desire as a counselor is to meet people where they are and come along beside in the journey; to do so she takes an integrated theoretical and treatment approach with each individual, couple or family that she sees.   

MaryDale believes that people respond better to activities that provoke them to think and challenges them to work through life’s obstacles.  Although there are many experiential activities that work for this approach MaryDale enjoys sharing the empowering experience that horses provide for people searching for healing and answers. She utilizes these exercises to help those with histories of sexual/emotional/physical abuse and eating disorders; as well as those struggling with anger, idientity expression, socialization, and relationships.   The openness and honesty of the horse provides a mirror for each person that helps process life hurts and challenges with a different perspective.  She loves that God uses His creation to seek us out, to understand us, and to bring healing.   

MaryDale is a wife and mother, she enjoys reading, being outdoors, taking care of her farm animals, anything with horses, and travel.